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Danton Supple and Richard Hornby have over 60 years of combined experience in production, writing, bands, studios and soundtracks

Bespoke Theme and Incidental Music

We discuss projects at length with our clients to get a detailed background and deep understanding of the topic so as to best craft the connected tunes and backdrops to enhance the visual message and narrative.

The Promise
Directed by Fred Scott 
and Fergal Keane

Sonic Idents and Corporate Identity

We produce unique, relevant and impacting idents that become sonic links and identifiers to your brand name or product.

Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations

Writing and artistic collaborations with Artists and Musicians

Aegean Sea
Installation by
Caroline Burraway

About Us

Rick Hornby has been a session guitarist and musical arranger for 20 years, having worked on more than 25 albums including those by Anna Calvi, Ed Harcourt, Buzzcocks, and Eugene McGuinness whilst also providing instrumental scores for Independent films and corporate attractions. He is currently working on a project with ex-Smiths drummer Mike Joyce and Sub Pop/Third Man Californian artist Kelley Stoltz. 

Danton Supple is a producer/mixer with 37 years of experience across all musical genres in recording and production and as part of the band HYDRA

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