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definitionarts @ RAK Studios

Situated in the beautiful RAK Studios complex in London's St John's Wood this has become a favourite work space for various artists for writing, mixing and production.

Bathed in light from West facing large windows the room is based around a large UAD Setup (18 core) and the latest Protools on a fast M1 Mac Studio and a vast array of plugins.

Guitars , keyboards and percussion at hand with microphones to cover all eventualities.

A really relaxing and creative space to work with the facilities of RAK at hand.


Protools 2023.12

UAD Octo 8p

UAD Apollo

UAD SatelliteUAD Twin



Genelec 1031s



Juno 106


Roland SH1

Korg MS2000r

Korg MS20


Roland Weighted Keyboard

Arturia Beatsep



Manley Massive Stereo Passive EQ

Manley Vari-mu Stereo Compressor

Chandler TG1 Stereo Limiter/Compressor

EL8 Distressor Compressor

Drawmer 1960 Stereo Compressor

Summit TLA100 Compressor (All new valves)

DBX 118 Stereo Exp/Comp

DBX 160X x2

API 2500 Stereo Compressor

Neve 1081 EQ x2

Teletronix LA-2A (All new valves)

SSL Stereo Bus Compressor 500 Series

Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering

8 x True Systems Mic Amps

8 x DAV Mic Amps

2 Neve 1081 Mic Amps

2 Drawmer 1960 Mic Amps

BURL B2 Bomber ADC

Revox PR99 MKIII Reel to Reel Tape Machine

Bugbear Amp Soak

Little Labs Guitar Distribution

Huge amount of protools plugins



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